These Boots Were Made for Walking; European Streets

This is something that I have been painfully debating for months since we decided to go on this trip – do I just take the shoes I already own and hope that they can handle the miles upon miles a day of walking? Or do I invest in a whole new pair [or pairs] of shoes? Everything that I own is not really trek friendly, I’m a flip flop and tennis shoe girl and the only boots I own are very uncomfortable after a few hours and not waterproof at all.

We’re going in September-October so it’s highly likely that we will see quite a few drizzly days and being wet and in a foreign place does not sound like a recipe for comfort. I’ve researched quite a bit and feel like a pair of boots is probably my best bet; they go with anything. But what about the wet factor? I think I’ve come up with a solution but until I actually try some of these bad boys on I won’t really know if they will stand the test of 3 weeks of constant use. Blisters happen to the best of us in the best of shoes but I’d like to stall that for as long as possible.

1. JuJu Footwear Chelsea Rainboots


I actually just ordered these. They’re normally $69 but Urban Outfitters had them for $30. I figured for that price I can’t really lose and they’re free to return if they don’t work out.


2. Chooka Top Solid Mid Rain Boot


These are a bit clunkier then I would normally go for but they give me that “Old Man Marley” from Home Alone feel; just more chic.

3. Hunter® Bradwell Chelsea Boot Wellies

I’m not looking to spend much on boots but if cash were no problem I would absolutely get these awesome Hunter Wellies. What girl wouldn’t? Too bad they seem to be sold out everywhere.


Hopefully the Ju Ju boots I ordered work out or it’s back to the drawing board, but with high hopes in those all I need to find now is a great lightweight raincoat.

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